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1. A person from the northern United States, who tends to believe everyone from the south is uneducated, or a redneck.

2. Someone from the northern United States, who is bigoted towards all from the south, to the point where he believes them to be less evolved.

3. Someone who refuses to believe someone from the southern United States can be intelligent.
As John walked down the streets of his hometown Chicago, he looked down and realized his watch battery had died. He asks the next person walking for the time, and starts a conversation with him, in which they discuss scientific theory, and eventually John asks him where he is from, Fred replies, Memphis, Tennessee. John, being a Northern Elitist, even though just moments earlier regarding him as an intelligent individual, now completely changes his opinion of Fred simply because he is from the south. John is a bigot, towards southern people.
by Atroxletum February 12, 2010
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