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A small town in the Blackstone valley of Massachusetts. No matter where you are in Northbridge it takes five minutes or less to get to the next town.

If you live in Northbridge there's a very good chance that your parents did not go to college but manage to afford the cute little house you live in just fine.

The only low income area is 'The Village.' This is a couple of streets filled with duplexes that often house eight different families at once. They get crowded quickly because everyone living there with working ovaries is pregnant. All the time.

A population Census of Northbridge would show that the town is made up of 25.9% white people and 74% Trees.

Recreational activities in Northbridge include: going to millbury, smoke rides, local shows for the straight edge kids (of which there are many) and ummm that's about it.

There's also a super Walmart in Northbridge,a shit-ton of abandoned mills, and waaayy too many swans
So what went down in the Bridge (Northbridge Mass) tonight?

Well... the party we were at got broken up and we got lost in the woods when we ran from the cops.
Then we called tom and he picked us up on fowler road and we went to hang out at Hess and BK for the rest of the night.
by cheetosinlove April 05, 2009
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