there is almost nothing there; farmers, plains, prarie, fat people, roosevelt natl park and fargo- that's all to north dakota
North dakota- what the hell is there?
by StatesDude April 01, 2004
Top Definition
1) Not part of Canada.
2) Where most of the film "Fargo" wasn't filmed.
Isn't North Dakota in Canada?
by Um...Joe October 01, 2004
See also: nuclear proliferation

Would have dominated world politics had it seceded from the United States during the Cold War because of it's highly concentrated amount of nuclear weapons in such a small area.
Russian Official in Moscow informing his peers: Comrades, North Dakota has seceded from the United States. We must establish political connections and negotiate an embassy in Bismark. If they side with Mother Russia, surely the United States will fall.
by -Confidential- October 10, 2004
The state with the lowest age to be able to get a driver's license, which is 14.
14 year old North Dakota kid: I just got my license!!!

16 year old Connecticut kid: I just got my learner's permit....
by Ben360 May 07, 2009
1) the 39th state to enter the union
2) the Peace Garden State
3) the full name for the postal code ND
4) the home of places such as Fargo, Bismarck, Minot, Grand Forks, and Medora
5) the state that has the Theodore Roosevelt National Park
6) (Dakota) comes from a Sioux Indian word that means "friend" or "ally"
7) a state whose state flower is the wild praire rose
8) a state that has a high percentage of it's high school graduates go on to collage
9) a state that has a high percentage of church goers
10) a state that has a high percentage of underage drinking
11) my home state
North Dakota will always be in my heart.
by k.k. February 04, 2004
1. The Coldest Damn State Within The Borders Of The US. Ironicly They Made A Movie About Us Called Fargo. Whats Even More Ironic Is How Much Truth Is In The Movie.
2. State Where The Seasons Are Renamed To:
HEll On Earth, Mosquito, HELL On Earth Frozen Over, Constrution.
weatherman: well tomarrow is going to quite alot warmer but still a bit brisk. the high is going to be -40 degrees and the low will be around -60. and dont forget about that windchill.
by Lemmings January 29, 2005
The only normal state left in this country.

We do have: running water, electricity, water, metal structures, cars, things to do, room, breathable air, and beer. And the nicest damn people you'll ever meet.

We don't have: real gangsters (Natives caught with cigarettes and sent to YCC don't count), a high crime rate, homeless people on every other block, bad traffic.

Nodak is also quite possibly the best place to underage drink in the US...#1 son (google it and check some statistics).

North Dakota is NOT full of hicks. Nor hillbillies. Nor rednecks. Just normal people. And normal people like fast cars, big trucks, and everything with wheels. We play video games, go to the mall, go to concerts, watch movies, and listen to loud music, just like other people. There is plenty to do, as long as you aren't a lazy ass about it and expect entertainment to just be handed to you constantly.

Oh yea, the weather is really unpredictable, so you can't be a bitch about it.
Conversation amongst North Dakota teens:
#1: "Hey man, what are you gonna do this weekend?"

#2: "Well, Friday I'm either going to a show or the movies, then Saturday I'm gonna go get my booze in Bismarck and party at XYZ's house."

#1: "Sweet, I'm goin' down there Saturday too. Need to find a buyer yet, though."

#3: "Here, I'll give you my sister's number, she'll get whatever you want as long as you pay."

#1: "Aight, thanks. You guys wanna come play some CoD4 tonight after school?"

#2: "Chyea, that game's tits."

#3: "Fuck yea, let's do it! Ima pwn your asses."
by I<3the701 April 10, 2009
North Dakota is a great state. Sure it maybe cold mostly all year round, and it snowed today in dickensin with low visiblity when it is June6. But I hate when people give harsh judgements to ND. There is great things here. You'll always find really nice people. No one ever judges you. You dont have to worry as much as every other state does. There is very little crime here. Dont gota worry about getting kidnapped or getting shot by walking down a street. There isnt bad traffic, its a state where you can actually breathe clean air.

North Dakota isnt a state with a bunch of hicks. We are just like every one else. We like everything that everyone else likes. The only difference we got from all the other states is that we dont have; big cities, snotty people, and not a big population.
North Dakota is a very easy state to live in.
by angie2995 June 06, 2009
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