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A school in Paulding County Georgia located in an area called Burnt Hickory which is known for it's large population of white trash meth addicts. The school is located in a cow pasture. The school consists of a majority of newport and marijuana smoking white kids who try very hard to pretend they are black. Most of these students reside in a large neighborhood called Bentwater, which is known for its middle class soccer mom residents who try very hard to look wealthy when in reality most of them have taken out 2 mortgages on their 200k house. North Paulding's athletics are very poor compared to the rest of the county's and have very little sponsors. Most kids from this school are racially confused and think they are all the next Eminem. This school is mostly hated by the rest of the county because of their overly trash talking stuck-up wanna be rich kid attitudes. Also, most of the students secretly hate each other.
Today I went to North Paulding High school and saw 10 halfway houses on the way followed by a shit ton of cows. When I arrived most of the students did not take a liking to me probably due to the fact that I was NOT wearing calf-high Nike socks along with khaki shorts and a snap-back hat matched with a flannel shirt. Or maybe because I was not interested in rap music and drove a very expensive truck. I met an attractive girl who pulled me into the bathroom and proceeded to try to have intercourse with me but I was not interested due to the lack of "tread left of the tires." Nobody was a virgin and all the girls were used up hoe bags. I heard the word "nigga" used over 1000 times even though there were little to no African Americans present.
by Cantwealljustgetalongnow March 19, 2012
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