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1) The city of North Miami. An incorporated city in northern Miami-Dade County, Florida.

2) North Miami Senior High School
1) Bitch, I'm from North Miami.

2) Yeah, I go to North Miami, man.
by AC October 29, 2006
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Don't be fooled. North Miami is not Miami at all. If you like not getting mugged, don't live here. If you like decent people, don't live here. If you like having peace and quiet and not hearing sirens 24/7, don't live here. If gunshots scare you, don't live here. In fact, I just heard two gunshots while writing this. Miami is also pretty dangerous, probably more dangerous, but at least it has something going for it. North Miami sucks. There's nothing here. "Hey I'm going on vacation to North Miami" said nobody ever.
I just got mugged in North Miami last night.
by nahfam August 16, 2016
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