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Stupid doo doo dumb. This is North Highlands, land of the O.G.s, and the hyphy. North Highlands is located in the county of Sacramento, California. North Highlands is a diverse location, which dangers that lurk some streets, tweaks that beg on another, stoners who blow down on the next street down, E tards who love feeling themselfs, and coke heads who wanna be like scarface. Overall, its a pretty kick ass place. Always someone to beat up, and something to smoke.

Famous rapper "Hollow Tip" has a popular song that sings about North Highlands.

North highlands IS better than the Heights, where the grimy ass black people take over.

But its all 916. And its hillsdale blvd shit also.
Heights Loser: Damn foo, where you from? Lookin' all fresh and gangsta and shit..

Highlands Gangsta: Bitch *takes out strap* *Shoots guy in the head twice and pistol whips his body* Im from north highlands cuzz!
by G FunkyfreshCuzz May 27, 2008
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