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a term coined at East Carolina University to describe college aged girls, most commonly freshmen, whose wardrobe consists of UGG boots and Northface jackets. These two items are consistent while black leggings, jeans tucked into the boots, and sweatpants are interchangeable. These girls also have a tendency to have fake orange tans, messy bleached blonde hair, oversized sunglasses and/or purses, choppy bangs and thick black eyeliner. This word is most often used in Pirate Rants in the local college newspaper. The Northface Uggslut trend is not limited to the ECU campus but is in fact one of the most popular fashion trends on campuses around the U.S.
Guy 1: Hey man, check out that North Face Ugg Slut over there.
Guy 2: Which one dude? There's like 20 of them.
Guy 1: Take your pick!
by bombinglondon January 10, 2011
A term originated at East Carolina University that describes the perennial appearance of coeds donned in UGG boots, short shorts/sun dresses, and North Face Jackets. The appeal of this look is a highly debated one.
It dipped below 80 degrees today, be on the look out for some North Face Ugg Sluts on campus.
by ProudPirate2010 November 15, 2009

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