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The unfortunate condition, when you have excessive skin on your cranium, thus the skin has that scrunched-up look, like a Shar-pei puppy. Actual medical terminology is Nut-sack Scalp, Nootsack Scalp is the "street" version of the condition.
George: What's up nutters?
Jason: Hey, c'mon, stop it please...don't call me that.
Phil: Why you call him nutters?
George: Oh, that's an abbreviation, short for Nut-sack Scalp, or Nootsack Scalp.
Phil: Why do you call him that?
George: Take a look at his head!! Looks like a giant scrotum on his shoulders!!
Phil: Hahaha, yeah it does! Kinda like a shar-pei puppy.
Jason: Please guys, please! Stop it...please.
by Buns Master February 03, 2012
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