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Synonymous with cookie duster, defined as a mustache so glorious in thickness and appearance that seems ideal to gingerly brush upon the pelvic area of members of the female persuasion's genitalia during cunnilingus, almost like that of the dusting motion of a domestic cleaning instrument. Most women prefer to have men with "nookie duster" type mustaches to do work on the lady bits due to the extra stimulation that the hair follicles create. Weaker mustaches tend to poke and cause displease to the fairer sex's south mouth. Some glorious examples of Nookie Dusters throughout history are as follows: Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Wiford Brimley, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ron Swanson from NBC's hit show Parks and Recreation.
Rachael: " So how was your date last night Carrie?"

Carrie: " Oh my god after we got home he went to town on my lower frown and his Nookie Duster tickled my lady bits all night, he's a keeper!"

Rachael: " Does he have any friends with superior, Burt Reynolds like Nookie Dusters?"
by Kenny Bixxx May 17, 2013

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