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An internet forum war that raged in 2007, regarding the (then) upcoming release of Nintendo mash-up fighter Super Smash Bros Brawl. The argument revolved around the possible inclusion of Tom Nook, a popular shopkeep from the Animal Crossing franchise, as a playable fighter.
The "war" centered mostly on the NSider & NSider2 boards, but spread onto other gaming forums.

It is often considered to be the dumbest thing ever to be discussed about on the internet in length.
Fanboy 1 : Tom Nook is the leader of one of Nintendo's biggest franchises. There's no reason for him to be excluded.
Fanboy 2 : Tom Nook is only a shopkeep, he's never fought a day in his life!
Fanboy 1 : You're a Nazi!
Fanboy 2 : NO U
Fanboy 3 : These Nook Wars are fucking ridiculous.
by Mushroomer April 04, 2010
A message board flame war, that debated the role of Tom Nook from Animal Crossing being included in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Usual topics included the fact he was a shopkeep, and the overall popularity of the franchise. In the end, Nook did not appear in the game as a playable fighter.
Poster 1 : "Tom Nook CAN NOT FIGHT! He's a shopkeeper!"
Poster 2 : "Animal Crossing is Nintendo's 2nd biggest franchise in Japan, how could they NOT include it?"
Poster 3 : "Damn, what a Nook War."
by Mushroomer April 25, 2009
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