the guy who play guitar in The Offspring
yo noodles, stop drinkin' beer and start making noise
by XarlieB January 02, 2004
The lead guitarist and sometimes-background-singer of the band known as The Offspring, which also happens to be one of the best bands in the world.
Noodles is awesome! I wish I could meet him in person!
by jimbobjoeshmoe January 03, 2004
When something is ridiculously crazy. inconceivable almost. Similar to bananas, but...whoooa!
Ex.1: "Yo i got some top from tha chick i jus met. I promise,Shit was noodles"!!

Ex. 2: "This guy is noodles if he thinks he not gonna pay me my money"!

Bananas crazy wild stupid sick as hell
by Hugh Diggz March 18, 2009
a heterosexual woman who will partake in a sexual relationship with another woman if aroused.
that girl is a total noodle; she's straight until you get her wet.
by Crystal Christie September 16, 2010
A very skinny and lengthy type of person. Has no muscle structure, usually tall and skinny. Very little arms and a very fragile frame
Arjun you need to go to the gym more often your really a noodle these days
by Joe Smoe2342 October 16, 2009
to go for a wee somewhere public because the toilets are too far away
I am bursting and there is mud everywhere, think I need to go for a noodle
by Zimbo-argie June 23, 2012
It is slang for an asians penis.
"man hes got a small noodle"
by wakawaka43 January 10, 2014

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