old and forgotten military term for "new blood" or a new soldier who lacks expiriece and skills.

now-a-days used by videogame nerds to insult people of lower levels/ranks.(none of the people i hear using it know what it means or its origin)

this was told to me by a waar veteran (my great grandfather) before he passed away.
-hey captain! whose the noob?

-that would be pvt.jones!
by ChebaccaChupacabra November 19, 2009
A retarder person who is always blaming his team.
His over estimated ego and immaturity causing discomfort in team.
He is distinguished by lack of arguments, besides calling his teammate noobs.
Teammate died:
- you noob! stop playing this game!
Team is loosing a battle:
- you f** noobs, my team is full of noobs! I'm pro but my team sucks!
Teammate made mistake:
- you moron, why you suck so badly
by ever6 November 15, 2012
A. someone new to said game("noob" can but does not correctly apply to other aspects of life outside the range of video games.)

B. someone who is bad at said game, commonly someone who has played said game for a decently long period, or more who claims to be "good, nice, sick, beastly, epic" at said game and then gets OWNED over and over again will commonly rant on calling every one who kills, beats, and or defeates him or her a "noob".

C. someone being called a "noob" by a noob because the real noob is angry as his or her noobness and retaliates by calling the non-noob a noob.
Player1(noob): Hey man how do you get up there?

Player2: Wow noob, go play runescape!

Player1(noob):*dies(constantly)* WTFF DUDE YOU NOOB

Player2: You mad son?


PLayer2(noobb): wtff you noob stop being lame
by Tronik February 26, 2011
1.someone that lacks the essentials for doing a task, most commonly used for playing video games.2. a person that talks alot of shit even though they suck balls at it
guy 1: dude i'll freaking kick ur ass in C.O.D 4 be-ach!
guy 2: ok, let's see then ya retarded mofo.
guy 1: stfu you loser, you are a freaking hacker bitch, theres no way you could have won
guy 2: really, 75 kills to 12 kills? dude you suck balls, freaking noobs these days gosh!
by modern warfare 2, please April 11, 2009
Online term for an "idiot","loser","retard" or "bastard" Or just sombody who plain cannot speak proper english online but types always in exsessive cheatspeak or "1337" speak, with absolutly no use of capitalization, or punctuation.
ect in online games/forums.

Originally derived from the word "newbie" as to sombody who was new, and clueless about the game, a player who needed help. Which later got shortened to newb.

Often people mis-use the term, calling new players to the game noobs, when often they just need a little help finding their way around the game. Please take care not to abuse this term as it is quite rude when the person is new to the game.

If the person is simply typing badly because he or she cannot speak english well, then they are not a noob, unless they are purposfully using knowing another language to annoy other players.

Then as chatspeak farther developed, you started seeing "noob" and "nub" as well as other variants such as "n00bz0re", "nib", "nubz"
Random noob : u giv me gold* or i ks* u
EXPed player : Sorry no, i've worked hard to earn my gold and game items, you should do the same as the rest of the players. or "Noob" *walks away*

Other examples the "noob" would be speaking in the same bad grammer more/less, in some cases using 1337, aka "u g1v m3 g0ld 0r 1 ks j00" (you give me gold or i ks you)

Or using all caps, or random caps which most players find annoying, such as "U GIV M3 G0LD OR I KS U" or " u GiVE mE GoLD oR i KS YoU"

*Gold is a standard currency in most MMORPG*'s
*In general to "ks" sombody is to "kill steal" them, to prevent their character from getting any exp* to level up.

**MMORPG stands for : massive multiplayer online role playing game
**EXP points is the experience characters earn in order to reach the next level up
by Whats A Name? March 16, 2008
Like the word Newbies being new to something. They are annoying until they are no longer noobs.
Stupid Noobs wreck everything
by Norman Smiley January 15, 2004
someone who does not understand or is not doing the correct operation of objectives, yet implies they are and will comment about how he/she is doing better.
Person:Dude your supose to capture the flag not kill your own team.
noob:shut up muthafucka u just cryn cause i got more killz
by ABC Metaphor May 17, 2008

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