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A Noob Lair is a specific area in a MMORPG or map on a multiplayer game where 1 or more noobs usually hide or stay after considering it sufficient, a noob lair is goes through multiple stages:

Noob nest:1 noob,the starter, who may lead any other noobs who decide to join him in it

Noob Lair: 2 or more noobs, this is where the chain of command begins to appear.

Noob castle: 50 or more noobs, large area becomes their hideout, but isn't to hard to locate.

Noobs consider a variety of things before making their nest:
1. Xp supply, they use any nearby monsters like a farm, killing it again and again to supply their hunger.
2. Nearby friendly towns, noobs don't enjoy a public area, some might, and make corners of cities their lair. They do need a area to trade and get stuff they need.
3. Hostile towns nearby, noobs enjoy having a area to raid and attack if necessary, but not if it attracts high-levels.
4. Scenery, noobs love living in a awesome- looking area.

1.View, a noob must be able to see all his victims before they see him
2. ammo, a respawning supply of ammo is necessary.

Sometimes the starter of a noob nest becomes extremely hostile, attacking all nearby foes, this noob is a noob hermit, a loner.
Player 1: "Hey look at all those noobs!"
Player 2: "Yeah what a noob lair"
by asfsafas September 17, 2009
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