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Noob day is where gamers have received a new video game as a Christmas gift and are playing it for the 1st time.
Johhny received Call of Duty: World at War for Christmas and is victim to noob day.
by Total Gaming Network December 24, 2008
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ah yes. this refers to.. well just look at the name. back then when you and i were a wee-little-nooblet. it is a reflection of the "stone age" if you will.
used obviously in gamer language, this is more of a historical double word. just remember way back when you used "heavies" and noob weps and everyone criticized you for your lame fast kills. its all writen in the books. its all there.
the noob-days start once you enter a new game and dont know how to play.. as you go... they fade away more and more. sigh... good times... dark goooood times.
guninhand: hey noob wtf. stop using heavies you fucking noob

officern00b: tss make me douche

guninhand: how about i snipe your ass down and send you back to the noob-days fucking noob

by catinthehat101 August 10, 2007

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