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-The collective name for a group of Child Sex Offenders.

-A numerous or frequent influx of Child Sex Offenders.

See Nonse.
There is always a Nonsoon at these child beauty pagents.

Summer in Cambodia is Nonsoon Season.
by DeGorgoo April 23, 2010
Instead of a rainy wet monsoon season here in Arizona, a dry and inactive rainy season referred to by locals as a nonsoon.
The monsoon really fizzled out , more of a nonsoon.
by zziesing June 07, 2016
a whole shit load of nani or bitches in one place.
Damn epl is bring a monsoon up in this peace

its a monsoon up in this bitch

the weatherman said that there is going to be a nonsoon today
by maza op March 18, 2007
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