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When someone in management makes poor decisions that are not based on any form of reasoning other than a "gut feeling". The decisions cause unnecessary amounts of work while having a waterfall effect that can cause incredibly undesirable results. The lack of real knowledge about their decisions doesn't prevent them from happening and it's impossible to reason against. The end result usually increases stress and ends up causing late nights, short weekends and no vacations.

Usually short bosses provide the instructions from their superiors, snow balling the effects to an even larger degree of Nonsensicocamamirationarigamarole.
Boss: I noticed that your car is moving fine on it's own. What if we took the tires off of it and then you pushed it instead of driving it? It's friday night but I want you to start on the project right away.

Also, I don't want you to slow down traffic so figure out some way to prevent that...

You: Yes sir/ma'am.

You now need to perform Nonsensicocamamirationarigamarole to make your boss happy even though it is Nonsensicocamamirationarigamarole.

Very similar to stupid, retarded, unnecessary, outrageous, unintelligent, nonsensical, cocamamie, irrational, rigamarole
by youneek2 January 11, 2011
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