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1) v. n. adj. adv. pron. abrev. prefix. suffix. A mimetic polyword. A word which has infinte meanings and may fulfil the roles of other words.

Hey John Snow off of the telly, did you see that local sports team take part in that competitive match last night? Yeah, they were to really nonmomo without the young frenchman upfront


I'll nonmomo you in a bit!


If you nonmomo nonmomo, then nonmomo will nonmomo you. Which is nice.
by Nonmomoist March 18, 2008
8 3

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definition: a.k.a "iloveyou", or someone with importance

Background:from me! I was just browsing my nokia phone, used the dictionary and pressed the number 6 a couple of times, and there it is! it appeared.
facing your crush, or your special shout or say: nonmomo!!!
by ycle pikotz September 18, 2004
2 20