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a completely self-absorbed, unaware "friend" (READ: douche) that you do things for *all the time* that NEVER returns the favor, even in times of crisis, always making the excuse that they're working or busy or just *can't* for whatever reason--always an excuse--ANY time you ask them, no matter what; someone who never returns the many favors you've done for them.
"My Dad just died and I can't find sittage for the funeral tomorrow. Since I've watched your kids for free for the past two days, do you think you can sit mine for a few hours while I go to my Dad's memorial service?"

Non-Reciprocating Tool: "Tomorrow? Oh, no way. Sorry. Gotta work online and stuff. You know. Busy and all. Can't. Maybe next time."
#selfish #asshole #douche #self-absorbed #non-giver #taker
by Holly M S July 20, 2010
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