A non-human is one who wears the marker of the non-humans. 100% of the time, the marker is army dog-tags that say "NON-HUMAN".
Non-Human: Guys can we do what I want to do now?
Human: I see you have the marker of the non-human...
Non-Human: So that's a no?
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 31, 2009
A very big slut/ Skank in calgary alberta , James fowler High school
Look at all those "Non-Humans"

Id Bang that 'Non-Human' till she turns into a Demi Human.
by RoyalBlood SaintSouLjha April 15, 2010
An living (organism) that is not human or of human origin.

Used to describe (aliens).
dude 1: "its non-human!"
dude 2: "no. its a cow/chicken/bug-monster.
by Metanator November 15, 2009

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