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Derived from "Nombie", ie, a zombie who has his head whacked really hard ...
... a "Nombie" is a person who is very tired, inactive, depressed, passive, apathetic, or bored.
by Mike Bozdog August 15, 2006
A noun used to describe a human who is so hungry they are reduced to an aggravated, zombie-like state.
Mephostophiles: I'm so hungry I could punch you in the face.
Belzebub: Wow. Whatever, nombie.
Mr. Bigglesworth: Go eat some food, nombie.
by CharlieSarahReilly January 12, 2009
Any member of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, or NOM; commonly used to describe anti-gay marriage trolls who may or may not be members of NOM, but who infiltrate pro-equality message boards and blogs in order to propagate NOM talking points.
"Geez, the NOMbies have really taken over Queerty's comments section today!"
by LavenderLiberal May 14, 2009
A person, who due to extreme hunger, has been reduced to a zombie-like state. Those attempting the Atkins diet are highly susceptible as their intake of carbohydrates is extremely limited. They can often be heard moaning for grains.
Thing One: Hey buddy, how's that Atkins diet treating you?

Samuel L Jackson: I'm so hungry that I could DEMOLISH a Denny's right now...
Keanu Reeves: Whoa... a nombie.
by Prof Khaos July 08, 2010
Nombie, being a "head-bashed Zombie", can also refer to, in reality, a person who is somewhat dim-witted, slow, or possibly takes thing too literally, doesn't get jokes, etc.
We were trying to explain the concept to Dingledorf, but, he just didn't get it. After 2 hours, we gave up. We started cracking jokes about him after that, in his presence, but it was cool, because he didn't get that either! What a Nombie!!!
by Adam DeFeather August 16, 2006
A Zombie after you have hit him as hard as you can on the side of his head with a baseball bat.
The Zombie was fast approaching me, so I grabbed my Louisville Slugger and nailed him on the side of his head, Babe Ruth style. That former Zombie is now a Nombie!
by Rob A. Zombie August 02, 2006
Nigga Zombie
Damn that knuckle draggin nombie just tried to eat my brain
by niggazombie October 31, 2010