A giant blubbering hypocritical idiot who has nothing better to do than write countless books that badmouth the country which he comes from and now resides in, the United States. His views are so left-wing they would make Karl Marx cringe to think of such idiocy in his writings. The main problem with this man is that he shows many problems but suggests no solutions, and for this he is useless. What drives me insane is the fact that he hates the United States but has no problem spendng its money, breathing its air, eating its food, and teaching at one of its schools.
Noam Chomsky thinks every president to have ever lived is a douchebag... do YOU want to be like him?
by Sam Schimmel June 06, 2006
Noam Chomsky is a linguist who doesn't really do anything linguistic anymore because he is too busy with his vile and depraved political musings to contribute anything useful to the world anymore. An anti-social personality and a political finger painter who is worshipped by white middle-class leftists for giving voice to their ideological infantile disorder.
Middle class Leftist: " Noam Chomsky is like sooo deep, man. He's like, you know... he's like a genius or something, you know, man? He's like totally involved in like, important stuff, you know? It's just so cool how he can, like, you know, interpret what birds and chimpanzees are talkin' about based on what they're like SAYING man, you know?"
by RonnieTheGreat January 24, 2009
Professor of linguistics at MIT. Best known for extreme-left/anarchist critiques of US policy that tend to be angry, sarcastic and offensive to many. Not a Marxist despite what the above definition states. Respected almost universally as a linguist as he revolutionized the field in the 60's. HATED as policy critic by virtually every non-leftist. Also has spoken and written on many other topics. Most cited intellectual alive and 7th most cited intellectual ever (between Frued, 6th and Hegel, 8th). Hero of 14 year old radicals everywhere.
Noam Chomsky should just stick to linguistics.
by J June 26, 2003
Noam Chomsky is a twat who has discredited his monumental early work in linguistics with more recent crude political polemic.
"This work has no references and is written in a crude and subjective style. Is it copied from Noam Chomsky?"
"Everyone thought I knew what I was talking about, so I ended up looking like a right Noam Chomsky".
by Jesus Christ from Palestine April 12, 2006

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