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A no scope nation is when a gay kid gets luckey and gets a no scope head shot in a video game. People who make their xbox live gamer-tags No Scope Nation are very gay and bad at halo and gears. They also have a very small penis.
wow look at that kid get a no scope nation. What a fag.
#fag #small penis #no scope #halo #gears of war
by Eight Equald Dee? April 29, 2009
10 Words related to No Scope Nation
one who is insane and amazing at getting no scope head shot in halo3 with the sniper rifle
Wow, look at that guy get a killionare with all no scope headshots, he is such a no scope nation
#pro #mlg #domepopper #untouchabie #sick
by 8=D~~~~~~~ April 06, 2009
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