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The rare Humanoid robot that appears to be from Trinidad but thinks he is African American. Can Run and swim very fast as well as upstage eveyone in everything. He has 1 broken gear giving him the appearance of having Tourettes. He makes feeble attempts at comedy but fails miserably when it horribly backfires.

Made of very poofy silicon hair fibers for hair, and skintanium armour under imitation flesh. Very little sexual knowledge (He's a fucking robot!) Has many differnt moods. He changes moods by quickly running behind and bush and being swapped with another NivalBot.
A hooker says to her Dad "What's my allowance this week" The Dad replies "it depends, how long do I have to do it for?"...........Dammit NivalBot you got it Backwards again...
"that's what She said..."
by Samuel Uribe June 01, 2009
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