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Nipple Rocket - A rocket that, once fired, seeks out a random, or predetermined, target's nipples, where once attached is irremovable, even after death. The nipple rocket pulls the target by the nipples, at its own will, in any direction, including but not limited to vertical movements. Eventually there is nothing but nipples being dragged around.
"Brad's nipple rocket launched into space, at 3.5 mach, he didn't make it"

"I've had my nipple rocket for 3 weeks, Fuck it hurts"
by FluffyTheRipper April 23, 2009
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big saggie boobies with nipples the size of a wooly rhinoceros's.
" Garrett Hayes' mom has mad nipple rockets!"
by pineapple in the vag August 03, 2009
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when a girl is horny, her nipples go up like a rocket .
these bitches in the Jacuzzi have nipple rockets .

damm these bitches nipples so hard.
by jazziie29 September 25, 2016
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