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When one decides this Sunday afternoon is glorious enough for a jog, and in ones haste to pursue this thought, overlooks the necessity of a Brassiere, chaffing can often occur. When such chaffing transpires, one is left with sore and flaky areoli. The dry skin of the flaky areoli IS the Nipple Zest.....some say the zest of the nipple. Either way it hurts like a mother bitch. The moral of this story is ALWAYS wear a Bra on a Sunday afternoon.
Instructions on Sports Bra
'to avoid Nipple Zest, wear this garment!'

John: 'No Shirley, I shall not lick your nipples, I am highly allergic to Nipple Zest, and unless you wish to sit in the emergency room with me for the next 5 hours i suggest you suck my cock. Oh No! I forgot that you are allergic to Piney Porridge!'

by A. Delirious - Student April 24, 2008
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