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The time in which one enjoys a significant others nipples.
1- If you're reading this you're not allowed to enjoy nipple time.
2- There are no rules.
What are you doing to my nipples?
It's nipple time! DUH
It's always nipple time.
by GetOutHenry March 26, 2008
The art of exposing your nipples at a given time. It cannot be longer than an hour. You must look forward to nipple time everyday.
Dude, Erin and Sydney's nipple time is 3:03 am! I'm sleeping over their house tonight for sure.
by Ronda Buckets April 27, 2010
Sucks ass :) and shouldn't exist as it's gay and Ella can't use it on anyone anymore :P. But you can soon :P
Hi I'm Ella and I'm gay and love Nipple time
by EllaIsBuffting April 01, 2008
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