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The time in which one enjoys a significant others nipples.
1- If you're reading this you're not allowed to enjoy nipple time.
2- There are no rules.
What are you doing to my nipples?
It's nipple time! DUH
It's always nipple time.
by GetOutHenry March 26, 2008
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The art of exposing your nipples at a given time. It cannot be longer than an hour. You must look forward to nipple time everyday.
Dude, Erin and Sydney's nipple time is 3:03 am! I'm sleeping over their house tonight for sure.
by Ronda Buckets April 27, 2010
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Sucks ass :) and shouldn't exist as it's gay and Ella can't use it on anyone anymore :P. But you can soon :P
Hi I'm Ella and I'm gay and love Nipple time
by EllaIsBuffting April 01, 2008
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