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A sport similar in style to 'cow tipping', involving a stealthy approach and then the pushing of an unsuspecting asian fishermen into a lake or other body of water.
Jed and I went nipper tipping last night, boy was it ever fun.
by CptSquirt January 25, 2008
People pushing asians into the water when they are fishing over in some hick Ontario town. (yeah Ontario has hicks and they are worse than anywhere else).
"I'm going to f'n kill any mother fucker that touches anyone when they are fishing f'n Nipper-tipping wtf!"

"If my son was the 23 year old in the coma who was "nipper-tipped" I'd go their fishing late at night with a gun and kill every last one of those assholes...maybe not but shoot in the testicles effetively removing them from the genetic pool"
by sCrEwY August 28, 2009
the act of pushing a person off a dock and into the water because of a dispute over fishing.
from Toronto Sun newspaper, sept 28, 2007: "Asians pushed into Lake Simcoe while fishing"

Shoreline assaults and harassment targeting mostly Asian anglers in Georgina Township, Ontario. Police are looking into at least four incidents in and around the Lake Simcoe area since April, all of which involve people being pushed into the water, often with their fishing gear and personal belongings tossed in as well.

Some of the incidents involved racial slurs. People in the area refer to the practice as "nippertipping" and say it has been going on for years.

by Friendshipcosts September 28, 2007
An Ontario redneck's pastime of shoving unsuspecting Asian fishermen into the water
John: Hey Bob, i just went nipper-tipping!

Bob: Nice, man! How many did you get?

John: Only 5. Not to many chinks here...dang.
by Link2110 August 10, 2008
An activity or past time popularized in toronto. Similar to cow tipping, but instead you sneak up behind a nipper (asian) that is fishing and you tip them into the water!
"Hey news is going nuts from all the nipper-tipping cases by lake ontario"

"I'm so bored what do you say we go nipper-tipping"
by Sargon D October 09, 2007
it is when u push a asian person that is fishing into the water.
lets go nippertipping tonight, it'll be a blast
by nipper tipping September 28, 2007
Canadian's reluctance to tipping, as in giving money for service... or taking the tip from the table when no one else is looking when leaving.
After his visiting host placed a generous tip for the six course meal on the table and headed towards the door, one of the Ontario locals lagged behind the group, nipper tipping the money before the waiter was able to come by to collect it.
by TheStewie July 21, 2008
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