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Nintendo's official online forums. The best place to talk about Nintendo with fellow fans.
The Nsider forums are at
by Beastiephile March 21, 2005
A very very good place to go if you like Nintendo.You can interact with other Nintendo fans. The mods and admins are nice and helpful. It's very fun friendly and run by lithium a great forums provider. I really enjoy the place and it's so awsome. I highly recomend you going there if you like Nintendo. is the site
by acisthebest February 12, 2005
A forum in which fans of Nintendo fans can gather to talk about Nintendo. Too bad that the moderators are jerks, and the forum is inteneded for little 7 year olds. The rules say it all. Why, you can get banned for anything not talking about playing with the Action League dolls.
I was banned from the NSider forums for mentioning that PSP graphics are better than the DS graphics.
by JAKE_SNICKET July 07, 2005
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