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1) To go out and ninja in the night.
2) To pork a girl, at night(or somewhere dark), with blinding speed.
3) To frolic amongest the treetops.
Ninja_Matty: We must go out and ninja in the night.
teh_ninja_naf: Agreed. Let me get my boomarang
Ninja_Matty: I'll get our ninjaroos mounts! =D
by Matthew Larsen February 23, 2005
When a ninja has mastered the arts of night stealtage and has gained the use of all 6 senses (including the psychic abilities they gain through deathly training), they are able to go out and ninja in the night without worrying about jerks spotting them.
Guy: "Dude, did you see that?"
Dude: "Guy, stfu and get me some pie."
by Nathan March 01, 2005
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