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a. Being totally whipped in a relationship and having it so artfully done that you don't even know that you are being kept in line.

b. Making a comment that cuts someone down to size but in such a subtle way they don't realize it until much later.
A. "Nah dude, I don't have like a real girlfriend or anything..." "Oh yah, do you have a girl who would be extremely upset to hear you saying that?" "Um, well, yeah... I do have that and would never say it around her." "Haha dude, you are totally ninja whipped!" (Usually followed by a text or phone call that ends with the person in denial going off to do the ninja whippers bidding)

B. "Do these pants make me look fat?" No! Not at all, they look really great on you." "Oh ok, thanks" "Sure no problem, however I read in an article that the color of the shirt you have on tends to add about 15 pounds when paired with jeans like that." "Oh um, ok..." *long pause* "Haha, ninja whipped!"
by Melly Traumatic October 24, 2010
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