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A method of which to transport ones self from one location to another across a modest distance, the ability may only work while unseen by anyone. Hence the aspect of Ninjutsu.

Term commonly used in conjunction with cheating, playing unfair in FPS or turn-based RTS card games, and hacking or hax0r.

One physical method is to use the standby technique to lag the other players enough to run to a new area before fragmented packets re-capsulate and the other players resume playing. In some cases the players don't notice the transition.

Another method is to run a modified locally cached map that has additions and alterations to the playing field and/or characters/weapons.
#1 First person shooter's such as Halo and Counter-Strike.

#2 Turn-Based and Real-Time Strategy such as Dungeons & Dragons(loose-not officially supported).

Example situation:

(Halo:Combat Evolved) "He disappeared, I was following him around a corner, there was no escape or exit. He just vanished!" "..He must of Ninja Warped!"
by m3g4hur7z March 11, 2010
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