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Boobs you wouldn't really think are big from an "in the shirt" perspective, but when released from captivity they sneak up on you and are huge. Like a ninja
I didn't realize her boobs were that big until she took off her shirt, they were totally big and amazing. I love her ninja boobs.
by Brian Street Team March 24, 2009
1. Breasts of a small caliber; often found of female ninjas

2. Tightly contained breasts; often times occurring whilst wearing a sports bra.

3. Boobs that appear small while wearing clothes; but are actually not in the nude.
Damn, that shortay has some kick-ass ninja boobs.

Girl your ninja boobs, snuck up on me like Jake Gyllenhaal on Heath Ledger.
by Ninjaboobgirl4U January 24, 2010
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