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Little cups of wobbly pop that are sold for insanely low prices at bars on select evenings. Ninja beers sneak up behind you very quietly until BYAHHHHHH....they knock you out cold.
Ninja Beers
"How much are the little guys?"
"a dollar"
"a dollar?? give me five...(ten...fifteen...thirty seven)"
"are you sure?"
"dont you tell me what im capable of drinking"
"oook here you go"
"thanks hot bar lady" this point the Ninja Beer Ninjas are surrounding you waiting for you to drop your guard for the split second they need.....

BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBYAH! wake up 15 hours later outside planet pizza.
by Bhat September 29, 2006
A beer that is high in alcohol content, but tastes like a regular beer.
Drunk ass: Yo I thought this was regular piss beer, but this shit snuck up on me like a ninja. I was shit faced before i knew what happened.

Bro: yeah, who gave you that ninja beer?
by Vladivastok March 11, 2011
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