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a self proclaimed gangsta that watches anime, naruto, at night and says he will pull out a gun at day.

beware as these types of people are really touchy and just stupid in general speaking screwed up English.
dude 1: boi you don't want to fight me i will kill you with hot lead!

dude 2: oh really? you mean with the gun? or with naruto techniques you learn? do you run with your hands behind your back too!?!?

dude 1:..........

dude 2: that's what i thought you're nothing but a ningsta
by raving madness September 26, 2010
Ningstas are people who are both ninjas and gangstas. Just think of gangsters with a ninja mask and a ninja shirt with pants down to his knees rapping.
Holy crap timmy there is 4 ningstas over there! Screw this lets run!!!
by L.A.B October 10, 2007