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n-in-fa nn-IN-fa

1. A woman who shows her beauty though kindness.

2. A state of quality of being sweet that makes the woman very beautiful in appearance.
Thank you so much ninfa!

You've done so much, thank you my ninfa.

Have you seen that ninfa donate so much money?

You fill my heart with joy. I can look at you all day and night ninfa.

by sweet pineapple March 29, 2009
A tree or the C.N tower
Omg! look at that NINFA!
by Jim Bob John January 01, 2008
The most evil cock-eyed fairy to live in the 21st century. She is known to live through out the eastern south coast nation of America so she can prey on the souls of innocent humans. You can she her mostly wearing slutty outfits and having greasy try too hard highlights. It's her dream to be a white person, she envies anyone with unique beauty because she is a cookie-cutter image of the other fairies that live in her village.
Random human 1 and 2 are sitting beside each other in English class, they see Ninfa walk in.

Human 1: Eww... do you see that whore right there?

Human 2: Yeah she look like a piece of shit.

Human 1: I heard she killed Ellie yesterday...

Human 2:You mean that pretty hipster that is always found sleeping in our class?

Human 1: Yeah, she was jealous of her pretty blue eyes.

Human 2: Ugh that Ninfa, what a disgrace!
by Fried Chicken is GOD June 21, 2012
ninfa is an un common name but it means slut hoe and bitch
ninfa is a slow ass mothat fucker
by l!l sh0rty December 24, 2008
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