1.the loyal companion of goku in the dragonball cartoon series.2 a cloud.
goku likes to ride nimbus all day long
by Mr.Seaman November 13, 2003
Top Definition
The imagined physical manifestation of your state of mind. Although not of the physical plane, it can be observed through the actions and interactions of the owner. And sometimes, just sometimes, it shines so bright you can almost see it.

A large Nimbus could indicate that a person is On Fire or Glorious.
- How's your Nimbus?
- My Nimbus is huge, and increasing in size with every passing moment.
by Mr. Jon C July 21, 2008
A term that douchebags use to try and sound cool, while only succeeding in demonstrating their douchebaggery.
Dude, that trick was so nimbus
by nimbus_douche August 26, 2008
Another way to call someone an idiot.
Well done nimbus. (sarcastic)
by Kirk Strobeck August 27, 2008
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