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An abnormal young man who has a blood-curdling fascination for feet.A Nihil Cynnais can be used as pronoun or noun or just to tell a person he or she has idiosyncratic sexual interests.Few fetishes evoke sheer terror in the way a Nihil does. Fortunately, Nihil attacks people only very rarely, and most attacks are harmless to humans. Still, even calm Nihil is capable of inflicting serious injuries on people for a sniff of their feet. It's best to learn how to prevent a Nihil attack you should also know what to do in case of an actual attack.

Step 1:Remain placid. While you want to get out of sight quickly if a Nihil attacks, you can not.Simply trying to outwierd a Nihil may not be your best alternative.Keep your eye on the Nihil at all times. Nihil may retreat temporarily and then try to sneak up on you. Don't let this happen. To be able to defend against the Nihil, you must know where it is, so make every effort to watch the oddity.

Fight. Playing dead won't deter a bizarro Nihil. Your best bet if attacked is to make him see you as a strong threat. Usually, a hard blow to Nihil's butt will cause it to retreat. This is really the only vulnerable area on a Nihil. If a Nihil continues to attack, or if he has your toe in its mouth, hit this area repeatedly.

* If you don't have a pair of crocs,boots,or orthodox shoes, improvise. Use any type of footwear that does not flatter your feet.
"Your quite a Nihil Cyannis in bed."

"Leave my feet alone,dont be a Nihil Cyannis."

"Your such a Nihil Cyannis."
by Legendary Lyric October 11, 2011

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