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Niglem - noun

A derogatory term used to refer to Black Muslims.

It can be used to refer to any Black Muslim, whether they have one South Asian/Middle Eastern and one Black parent, were born into a Muslim family and subsequently raised Muslim or if they simply converted (to pick up a hot Muslim girl no doubt).

Whereas some racial slurs have developed and found their way into informal slang thereby reducing the offensiveness of them, for example: "nigga", this term has not.

It is a pejorative and is offensive.

The word "Niglem" is constructed by contracting the word "nigger" to it's first syllable "nig" and adding it to the second syllable of the word "Moslem" (an alternate spelling for Muslim), "lem".
A derogatory term for a Black Muslim is Niglem

Niglems blew up my bike rack!

1: Hey niglem!
2: Why you callin' me that?
by rzhhhh November 13, 2011
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