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The slash pairing of Pietro/Kurt (Quicksilver/Nightcrawler) from X-Men Evolution.
I drew this awesome Night Runner fanart last night!
by Torchwood4 November 06, 2009
Someone with dark hair and freckles; the opposite of a daywalker.
Billy is a nightrunner.
by Night_Runner June 24, 2010
1. The one who runs at night, acts/looks like a vampire, or is just a little insane.

2. One who spams about random shit regarding nothing in particular.

3. Rude term for one who lives in a box/trash can/hole.

4. Derrogatory word for BBA freak.

5. Chats endlessly (verb).
You're such a NightRunner!

Why must you NightRunner about everything?
by NightRunner February 22, 2009