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So, you get morning wood, eh? But do you ever get....night rock? This is when you try to go to sleep at night, but that girl from earlier stays in your mind and gives you an erection that prevents you from sleeping.
Guy 1: Awww man, I'm so tired today. Barely slept last night...
Guy 2: Why? Bangin' a girl?
Guy 1: No, I was thinking of that, but night rock kept me up all night!
by lancertanker May 11, 2013
Slang for Crack-Cocaine. Name stems from scrappers who would spend their day gathering scrap metals to sell to local buyers, so they could pay for a nights worth of Crack rock.
Uncle Rayray spent all day scrappin', so he could get some night rock.
by Hardmeat McLargehuge March 20, 2014
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