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When you wake up in the morning and realise what you did the night before was a mistake of nightmare proportions.

It seemed right at night but shite in the morning light.
I either dreamed that my bedroom has an en-suite or I had a bad case of the Night Errors last night.

Bob - "I opened my eyes this morning and that hot Milf I drunkenly pulled last night turned out to be a Gilf with a prosthetic leg and a picture of your Grandad on her bedside table"
Jim - "You need to see a doctor about those Night Errors!"
#night #terrors #mistakes #morning #regret
by Frank Incensed August 25, 2011
-NighTerror is a complete viciaded in games of blizzard like Warcraft 3, or World of Warcraft
omg, he is viciaded like -NighTerror-
#ftw #btw #fc #viciaded #night #fail
by [TAC] March 26, 2010
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