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1)An african american rendition of the beloved pokemon character, JigglyPuff. Wields ghetto gangster characteristics.

2)Somebody who is stupid/whom you dislike and feel the urge to make fun of.

3)A word to simply say, just for the hell of it.
1)Pokedex: "Niggerypuff, black pokemon. Niggerypuff resides in dark, run down areas of the forest, and fends for itself. It occasionally busts caps when needed."
Ash:"GOTTA CATCH DIS NIGGA!"*throws pokeball*

2)Marth: "Ha Ha, i just five-stocked yo ass in super smash bros. melee."
Kelby: "Shut up, you niggerypuff!"
Marth: "Fuck you, Kelby!"

by korey August 31, 2007