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1. Mischievous activity. If mischievous activity involves cheating or playing unfair, it is typical cheap, underhanded, or a dirty way of going about it.
2. When someone is up to no good.
3. When someone is in the act of imitating or being a nigger
4. Committing crimes, typically petty ones
Example 1:
"he's stealing my bike!"
"looks like he's up to some niggery diggery"

Example 2:
JamalxDaxGangsta starts team killing on xbox live
White liberal: "please stop kind sir, I understand that you have fun antagonizing people, but it isn't in the spirit of the game."
Jamal: "No FAGGOT!"
Liberal: "ok. It is your right to do what you want."
A non-pussy not plagued by white guilt: "stop your niggery diggery!"
by Richy Mc. December 11, 2011
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