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An affliction where one turns into a black man. This occurs anually, and lasts for the length of one season. Unlike traditional werewolves, niggerwolves do not feed off of flesh and bone. Niggerwolves' primary diet consists of watermelon, KFC, and Koolaid. It is thought to have originated in Kenya due to its incredible speed. One may not know if they are a niggerwolf or not. Symptoms include, faster running times, an increased craving for fried foods and large melons. The only way to stop a niggerwolf is to call the cops or taunt it with big booty bitches.
Last night I saw Lydia at the club. She was shaking her groove thang, but all of a sudden she started freaking out and slashing at the buckets of KFC and her skin turned black. I think she might be a niggerwolf.
by Princess CeeCee and DA February 03, 2011
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