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A family tree of niggers.
Man, my niggertree is bigger than your mum's chode.
by DrMiscellaneous July 31, 2011
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1) The tree at a diverse campus at which the clique of Niggers congregates. Typically, is the furthest from the school building and water fountains but commonly is seen with the campus cop nearby. The Nigger Tree is often the scene of fights between Nigger Bitches (also see Nigger Cunts) over a Nigger Boy. Loud, immature and niggerdly behaviour is commonly witnessed around the Nigger Tree.

2) The large tree of choice in rural. southern US towns in which racists hang Niggers.
Definition #1 used in a sentence:

Eli: "Hey Peyton. Want to hang out with LeBron and Dwayne under the Nigger Tree today at lunch?"

Peyton: "I'd love to Eli but I gotta say that's probably a poor choice in judgment given how all those Niggers cut up and cause such a ruckus under the Nigger Tree. Let's just see them after school at practice."

Definition #2 used in a sentence:

Vincent: "Hey guys, what should we do with this dead nigger?"

Jules: "I don't know how I ended up in your scene defining a Nigger Tree but I'm gonna roll with it cuz I'm not the dead Nigger."

Jimmie: "Does my house say Dead Nigger Storage on it? No, I don't think it does! Why don't you two motherfuckers go hang him on the local Nigger Tree."
by PenisBeavis September 03, 2011
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