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The greatest wand that ever existed. Better then fucking Harry Potter's wand. It allows the holder to summon the world's largest penis, 16 inches. Only one niggerstick exists. It is under the current ownership of the Chief Bro Justice. The niggerstick can do anything do not doubt it.
blitzkrieg: lemme look in my spell book
15:19 blitzkrieg: chinktitis nigglosa
15:19 blitzkrieg: try that one
15:21 blitzball574: Chinktitis Nigglosa!
15:21 blitzball574: fuck dude i dont think im casting it right
15:21 blitzkrieg: dude ur wand fukin sucks
15:21 blitzkrieg: u need to get the new niggerstick 2069
by Brocouncil October 20, 2008
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