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(verb.) the perpetual bonding of black men over ignorant or trivial things (i.e. living in the same apartment complex/projects, having the same Air Jordans, wearing the same color, have the same tattoos, wearing the same doo-rags, ect.) unlike the bonds between friends and family which are mutually beneficial, bonds created by niggasynthesis usually end up with participants having "caps busted in dey asses"
EX: gangs, crews, bruthas, ect.
a few well known examples of "niggasynthesis" would be the bloods and the crips
by tcon2768 May 04, 2011
16 15
nig-ga syn-the-sis: n. Perpetual bond between niggas over an appreciation of trivial or ignorant things. This is the opposite of a nigga moment, which is perpetual conflict between niggas over trivial or ignorant things. This is unlike a bond between friends or family members, which is mutually beneficial to all of the parties involved.

When a nigga moment collides with a nigga synthesis, you get a Complete (fucking) Disaster:

Nigga Moment + Nigga Synthesis = Complete Disaster.

Remember this equation, you will need it later nigga!
Nigga Moment (fight between Bushido Brown and Stinkmeaner's crew) + Nigga Synthesis (Stinkmeaner's crew which exists for the sole purpose of spreading ignorance and chaos, particularly in the black community) = Complete Disaster (Bushido Brown's beheading.)
408 100
when a black man takes in the UV rays from the sun and convert it into energy, thereby granting him the ability to sprint 10x faster.
dayum, that nigga be runnin so fast, he musta done some nigga synthesis!
by niggerino June 22, 2010
242 96
Perpetual bond between niggas over trivial or ignorant things.
These ignorant niggas had similar interests over trivial things, so they made a nigga synthesis.
by TheAnvilMan May 31, 2010
105 74

Perpetual bond between niggas over trivial or ignorant things.

Niggas can create bonds with each other also based on ignorance. This bond is called Nigga Synthesis. Nigga Synthesis is based on a mutual appreciation for ignorance or trivial things. BUT when a Nigga Moment + Nigga Synthesis collides, you result in = COMPLETE DISASTER. Remember this equation, you'll need it later,Nigga.
Nigga Syntheiss
2 Niggas involved.

Nigga 1 meets into Nigga 2:

Nigga 1: Ay man, I just robbed that white woman's chain, take some of the profits.

Nigga 2: "Ay, thanks man, you's a real nigga.

And Nigga Synthesis is born.
by A random Nigga March 07, 2014
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Perpetual BOND between niggas over trival or ignorant things.
Frank: "All the niggas on the Westbank joined together to fight niggas on the Eastbank just because they arent from the Westbank."

Rob: "I know. Aint that some Nigga Synthesis fo yo ass, nigga."
by Deebo Jackson February 10, 2013
9 26
noun- perpetual bond between niggas over trival or ignorant things.
the is powerful nigga synthesis on madden live
by thugnificent770 May 31, 2010
49 81