A street smart dinosaur minority that jacks other dino's bikes and watermelon.
The Niggasaurus Rex lived around 90 million years ago until it went extinct in a large knife fight against the Crackerdakalaphalous.
by niggasteve11 March 22, 2010
Top Definition
A very tall black man who is able to dunk a basket ball at only 12 years old
Homeboy1: yoooo you saw my niggasaurusrex Jamie out there!?
Homeboy2: awwwwwww yeahhhh son
by Tamer "LiL dEaFy" Attalla December 20, 2006
someone who is deeply immersed in nig culture. this involves eating and drinking koolaid, watermelon and fried chicken everyday all the time and wearing clothes that are a minimun 4 sizes too big.
Panos: " Why is your shirt so big?"
Sandro:" Cause im a niggasaurus rex!"
by Tron Carter Westen November 08, 2008
big black guy
so i was walking down the street when that niggasaurus rex startled me!
by MOOSEONANOOSE December 21, 2010
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