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A Black and Mild cigar with the cardboard filter taken out and the tabacco is paced back into the cigar. Originated in Kentucky by a ganster hick.
Damian loves smoking a nigar at lunch
by Dirty Moto October 12, 2005
A small Indian flea that gets into male pants.
I have a worst case of nigar itch.
by Plummerinthehole August 16, 2010
A blunt or tobacco leaf rolled cigarette. Packed with marajuana; considered a "ghetto" smoke.
Jerome done rolled up a blunt. That ain't no blunt, that's a Nigar.
by Tyrone Stamp February 13, 2005
A furry little creature with bright white pointy hat! And a baseball bat!
found in "da ghetto of cerelion city"
Ash Ketchum: cant beileive i let him get away! Brock: hes not gone yet, watch out ash, HES USING HASH ATTACK!! get him pikachu! Pika!!! Pikachu used thunder bolt... Critacal hit! Nig nig arrrrr....... nigar has fainted! pikachu has gained 90 exp.
by EcS aka Colin Ferral March 13, 2005