Don't pay attention to the first defintion, that guy totally ripped me off. I created the word NigNug. It is actually not a racial slur, so to speak, but a McDonalds chicken nugget that can talk, and has the facial features and ebonic speech as an African American man. Their favorite sauce to be dipped in is BBQ or Rock sauce. (made from Cocaine, baking soda, and pickle juice.)

It can also be used as a term of endearment for a friend or family member.
Example #1:

Juice: "Yo, let me get a 6-piece NigNug and some honey to dip em' in, bitchface."
NigNug: "You bettah nawt be dippin' my ass in no honey. Sticky ass shit, I'll whoop your ass you whitebread muthafuckah."
Juice: "Damn, NigNugs are picky."

Example #2:

"Yo, hand me that lighter so I can spark this pipe, my nignug"
by Juice March 29, 2005
Top Definition
Another word for a black midget, short for "Nigger Nugget"
Guy 1: Look, its a black midget!
Guy 2: Naw that's a Nig Nug
by los testiculos April 13, 2008
A black midget with no arms or legs. Comes from the combination of nugget (a person with no arms or legs) and a niglet (a black midget or baby).

Also known as the most unfortunate creature in existence.
As the nignug flopped on the ground, trying to live a normal life, he pondered to himself, "What did I do to deserve this?"
by reptilianearlobe April 18, 2010
Racial term used for a lazy/fat black person; male or female.
R: Hey guys look it's a nignug sitting out on the porch!
Matt: You racist bastard! it's a monkey.
Chris: Yeah, probalby not.
Matt&Chris: You racist fuck!
R: Not me.
by ZC June 03, 2004
A silly way of saying "Nigger."
"You're such a nig nug."
by NigNug September 09, 2005
nig nug-derogatory term for someone acting a nigger, just a lot more niggerish.
"Hey dude, that sorry old nig nug has dingleberries in his hair!" OR "Man, you are being such a nig nug right now"
by Michael February 14, 2005
A marijuana nugget so poor in quality that it could only be considered smoke-able by an African American.
Damn Josh, please say you didn't pay money for that nignug!?!
by W.T.Snacks December 03, 2008
(n). The doppelganger of poo that clings to your butt crack hair after taking a shit drier than a popcorn fart.
After I took a shit I had a Nig-Nug that pulled the hair out when removed. Owww...
by Bodybag R.I.Pkin July 26, 2012
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